How did they do that?

Archeologists, Geologists, Physicists, and all manner of people, including me, have pondered for years, even lifetimes, trying to figure out how the huge stones making up the global megaliths were transported in ostensibly primitive ancient history. So many theories have been put forward, it makes my head spin. Ramps, wooden rollers, temporary canals, UFOs, Merlin, etc. I do not accept any of the ideas put forward by my fellow humans.

According to the information I have found searching the web, lodestones are supposedly very rare. Scientists also think that lodestones, which are a type of magnetite, is magnetized by lightning striking the earth in the right spot, and presto!! Lodestone is born. It is not that simple of course, but the technical details are too     —– technical for my purposes.

I learned that lodestone is black and can be very shiny when polished. I have a string of lodestones I bought at a rock shop. They are not very big, a cubic inch more or less. The poles are very pronounced, and even though they are small, they are powerful.

According to scientific studies, lodestones were mentioned in ancient texts around the world dating from as far back as 500 BCE. The Chinese and the Olmec civilizations are examples of ancient peoples who used or had knowledge of lodestones. Of course, common people in antiquity may have considered them magical and used them for ceremonial purposes. But that is neither here nor there. One can easily imagine how powerful a shaman could become using lodestones in his power displays.

So, imagine a fairly intelligent man —- or woman—- along the lines of Leonardo da Vinci born in prehistoric ages. Instead of being afraid of lodestone’s magical properties, they might start to think about how these things could be used in practical applications. Anyone, even with today’s educational level, could recognize the fact that one side of the lodestone would snap together with another lodestone, but if one of them was overturned, they would push each other away. With just a little more experimentation, our prehistoric da Vinci would realize that the larger the stones, the more difficult it became to push them together or pull them apart.

Photo by Nadejda Bostanova from Pexels

By the time da Vinci the Elder was found to be heretically misusing the holy lodestones only the shaman could touch, he would have learned a great deal about them. Upon being exiled from his tribe into the wilderness, he searched and found more lodestones. Arming himself with magical lodestones, he soon became a new shaman for a neighboring tribe. After that, he could spend all his time studying lodestones and learning new ways to use them.  

Da Vinci the elder soon grew old due to poor diet and lack of medicine (he was a fake shaman, remember?), he thought of new ways to lift things without breaking his fragile bones. He learned to put lodestones on the bottom of a heavy object, arrange them all with the same side (attracting/repelling) facing out; then put lodestones on the ground in the opposite positions, thereby he could effectively lift a very heavy object higher than usual.

Photo by Gaurav Sood from Pexels

Before the ‘old heretic’ died, he discovered that he could transport his heavy water or beer jugs to his hut very easily. He fabricated a long mat with lodestones woven into the fabric (reeds, straw, wool, whatever). He then fashioned a way to apply lodestones to the bottom of his jugs. By lifting and guiding the jug across the mat or the length of the mat I should say, he could move heavy items to and from, here and there, with little effort.

Da Vinci the Elder passed his secrets along to his shaman apprentice and soon, ancient people were moving huge things great distances using magnetic fields.

I know that my idea is over-simplified, and I know I am not qualified to present a real scientific paper on it. I also know that I have done no experimental work to prove my idea holds water at all.

I am, after all, a philosopher, not a physicist. But in all the documentaries I have watched over the past forty years, I have never seen this idea tried. I wonder if it could be true. The only thing I have to encourage me is knowing that in the 1980s, I proposed that Quasars were probably just the other side of black holes, energy in, energy out. And I never bought the idea that nothing could escape a black hole using only a couple of junior college astronomy classes and mind experiments like my hero, Albert Einstein.

I am open to any comments, refutations, corrections, etc. But if you do comment, I won’t read them if they contain offensive words like Idiot! Goofy! Crazy! Insane! Ignorant!

Go in peace.

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