Use It or Lose It

Inspiration for this blog post came from this article.

Both of my parents passed away in 2020. Since I was their caregiver, the events less than two months apart, shook my faith in everything, turned my life upside-down, and left me feeling like it was my fault. Since then, I have fought to overcome feelings of guilt, grief, and gut-wrenching sorrow to the extent that it only haunts me 2-3 times per week instead of every waking hour.

After seventeen months, I have basically come up from the depths of despair to a higher plane than I was on before they passed. If you have ever been a caregiver for one or more close family members, you know that your work becomes their life and their life becomes your life.

Back in August, I essentially suffered a mental breakdown where I considered suicide just to end the constant feelings of grief and overall worthlessness. I also suffered a broken leg and then a broken foot during the same twelve-month span just for added pain and suffering.

At first, I tried living with my son and granddaughter. It was hard because my son and I do not live in the same dimension of existence. I realized that he was living on pins and needles worrying about me, so I packed a bag and came to live with my daughter. This was surely the best idea I had In over a year.

I thought I would never have the heart to go back to doing what I love most, writing. But I was wrong. I soon broke out my old novels and began to wonder if I could spruce them, get rid of the newly-rated offensive passages in them, and put them out there for another go in the world of People Who Still Read Books.

Keep Learning

As soon as I started I realized how much I had forgotten about writing, editing, publishing, marketing, etc. While I was going over the books, I began to read and study the latest methods for self-publishing a novel that would actually sell and turn a profit. After a few weeks, my spirits lifted, the sun became brighter and the world looked completely different as I learned to be myself again rather than living someone else’s life by proxy.

I am learning new things every day. One thing is that writing, editing, publishing, and marketing indie novels is a full-time job. Fortunately, I retired a few years back from a so-called real job and I can devote much of my time to writing and all the things associated with it such as writing this blog for example. I realize that I am starting over and that very few if any readers will ever read my work. But that is not what is important.

What is important is that I am doing what I love to do. My wonderful daughter and amazing son-in-law are very supportive of my efforts and though my family has shrunk so much over the past few years, I am right where I should be in life.

So I was reading this article this morning and had to agree with the neuroscientists and author(s). Put succinctly, the article told me to keep learning to bulk up my brain and keep it working or even more simply: Use it or lose it. Read Article Here.

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