Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell

whales swimming together

I tried to listen to this article I found on Pocket. I did not understand all of it. It sounded kind of confusing. But I did get the idea scientists do not believe, for the most part, that whales chat with each other like we do. It sounded more reasonable to think that they would send warnings or general information to each other like “Hey, good feeding this way.” Or maybe “Lookout, bad weather ahead.” Or how about “It’s din-din time” speaking to a baby whale.

Perhaps they pass on identifying markers for the pod or family unit. Maybe they indicate directions or instructions to one another about migration patterns. These sound useful and reasonable. And emotional signals would also make sense. “I’m mad.” “I love you.” “Go away.” “I’m sick.” Basic things like that.

Humpback whale breeching

Think about it. If whales could communicate in abstract ideas, would they not tell each other about history? Would they not hate us for the horrible things we’ve done to them over the years (still doing in some places)? Wouldn’t they be cruising the coastlines, looking to wreak vengeance on us for killing their wives, husbands, babies, etc?

If we could communicate with them. What would we say? “I’m sorry.” “We’re sorry.” “Some of us are sorry.”? I don’t think apologies would carrry much weight with them (pardon the pun). I think they would have about as much regard for us as we do for fire-ants, mosquitoes and roaches.

Whale hunters

I think we would be in big trouble. And I think it would have started long ago. Venturing out onto the sea would have been even more dangerous for small wooden vessels. Think of all the things that would not have happened without the early sailing history of mankind.

Maybe it would be a good thing. Maybe we would still be living in caves and primitive huts, teepees, wigwams, treehouses and hogans. But we can only speculate at this point.

I just don’t think they know how horrible we are as a species or else they would have invented weapons of mass destruction and killed all of us long ago.

It is things like this that make me wonder about the worthiness of humans to even exist. I know we don’t all do these things, but the time has passed for ending all these practices. Surely we can send canned tuna to the Inuit if they are starving, lamp oil if they are in the dark, parkas if they are cold. What is the deal, people?

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