See Where It Goes

So I bought a bracelet from a non-profit organization working to save endangered species. I ordered a turtle bracelet and it soon arrived in the mail. It is a cute little beaded bracelet with a tiny carved sea turtle on it. There is a card included with my turtle’s name, Foxy, and one of those QR codes.

Photo by Belle Co on

So I zoom in on the QR code and a map opens on the screen and shows where my Foxy was last charted according to his tracking device. It was really cool to see that my turtle was swimming in a fairly large pattern off the coast of Southwest Florida. The pattern was fairly random with sharp turns going this way and that. It seems that Foxy does not do the wide lazy spirals or circles I had expected. He appears to suddenly change course up to 180 degrees and then maybe a 90 degree followed by a 45 degree change in course. He’s a zigger and a zagger. I never realized turtles might follow so-called unnatural patterns since Science is always saying there are no straight lines in nature. Well they need to look at Foxy’s trajectories.

At any rate, I began to see a correlation between Foxy’s pattern and my own life path. I have goals and aspirations, dreams and plans like most people. I want to travel from A to B in a fairly straight path to save time and money since both are limited at this stage in my life. Then I see that Foxy’s path is chaotic. It doubles back, veers left, veers right and keeps to the same territory, roughly covering the same areas over and over. With the entire seven seas of Earth to choose from, Foxy sticks to one area.

People do the same thing. They zig and they zag and they generally go in squares, rectangles, triangles and other complex geometric designs. We don’t follow spirals. We rarely travel in circles. We may curve a bit in this direction or that direction, but generally speaking we take extra pains to stay within certain boundaries.

It’s called living inside the box. You’ve heard of thinking outside the box? Well, living outside the box is even more difficult. The longer you stay in the box, the less likely you will ever step outside the bounds and reach your goals and dreams. If you are chasing a dream that seems to stay just out of reach, it is because you are unwilling to follow it. You are afraid to step outside the box. I am afraid to step outside the box. The decision to follow your dreams and reach or try to reach your goals is to take that leap into the unknown. Think of it as an adventure. And don’t let the negatives in your life overpower all the positives.

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