Assassin Chronicles Redux Series by Brenda Carroll

Everyone has a personal dragon. Some are mental, some are physical; none can be ignored.

Brenda Carroll
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About: Assassin Chronicles Redux Series

What is the series all about?

The Assassin Chronicles is currently a series of thirteen books telling the story of a band of knights left over from the Crusades. There are many more books to come.

One man, many . Many titles, many duties. Many adventures and many memories.


The series happens across a vast expanse of time and space: The world as we knew it at the turn of the twenty-first century. The world as it was in the distant past encompassing areas in the Middle East, China, America, Scotland, England, Europe and other places. The world we do not see that is all around us including the Underworld, the Overworld and the Summer World or Ephemeral World where fairies and legends live. And the world as it evolves into the future.


The Underworld exists somewhere below us. It the home of demons, old gods, Watchers, time encapsulates and constructions, purgatory and hell. Much of what goes on in the Underworld effects changes in both the Overworld and the Ephemeral World for better or worse.

Some people go up the stairs; some people go down the stairs.

Lucio Apolonio Dambretti Knight of the Golden Eagle

Order of the Red Cross of Gold


The Overworld is the current material world where humans live. The Overworld does not normally affect the Underworld or the Ephemeral World though there are people and things that can under certain circumstance.


is somewhere between the Overworld and the Underworld. It is home to Summerland where the faery folk of legend make their homes. It looks like the Overworld in many ways, but nothing is as it seems. What happens in the Ephemeral World resounds in the Overworld.


The series is hard to pin down historically. Some of it is current. Some is in the future. Some scenes are from the past. Time, dimensions, history and future all exist in the now.


The surviving members of an ancient Order of Warrior Monks, more commonly known or recognized as Templar Knights are part of a global organization of mercenary military efforts to keep the world in one piece working behind the scenes. The Monks or Knights form the inner circle of ruling or commanding officers known as the Council of Twelve. The twelve are endowed with special mysteries, knowledge and powers. They are also bestowed with semi-immortal status. As long as they obey the Primitive Rule, follow orders, remain loyal and hold onto their sanity, they survive.

They can live indefinitely as long as they remain in one piece. The chronicles arise from centuries of war interlaced with complacency producing a group of men with varying degrees of personal scarring and personality changes. Most were born when the world was wilder, wider, filled with wonder, poverty, superstition and hardship. They fight their way through time only to find themselves archaic facsimiles of the men they once were.

Keeping up with the times weighs heavily on most of them, but their mission remains: Serve God, keep the Faith and fight on the side of Christ at Armageddon. The problem lies in the differences between the Christ and Christ. The Knights do not believe in Christ as mainstream Christians conceive of Him. They are heretics as charged by the Holy See, but not without due cause. They are still men subject to all the same controversies, emotions, doubts and failures as any other men.


There are many adversaries in the three worlds. Some are global and some are local. The Order must deal with each situation arising that puts their final mission in jeopardy. Sometimes the enemy is easily identified. Others are more obscure. All must be defeated, corrected or assimilated. None can be ignored, none can be forgotten.


The Order of the Red Cross of Gold faces a wide variety of obstacles including global politics, the Holy See, the elder gods, the lesser gods, incidents, accidents and seemingly insurmountable odds. They must fight the world at times, each other sometimes and themselves always. The forces of evil are great and infinite. While the enemy cannot be completely destroyed, they can be contained.


There are skirmishes, battles, wars, love triangles, death and destruction, prophesying, praying, cursing, building up and tearing down. There are mysteries to be used and mysteries to be discovered. There are mysteries better left alone. Magick, mischief, mayhem and murder are found wedged in the pages. There are monster, villain and dragon slayings. Some are lost while others are found, but no one gets by unscathed, unchanged or undone.


As the author, I would give this series an R rating based on the violence and language.

“One misplaced word and the world will no longer know you.”

Mark Andrew Ramsay, Chevalier du Morte, Assassin, Alchemist, Order of the Red CRoss of Gold, poor knight of Solomon’s Temple

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